So this is my first blog. I love Disneyland and Disney movies. So why not talk about that?

I learned in a book called I am Walt Disney, the creator of Disneyland, that when the park first opened Walt wanted people to come, so the park was free! I  do not know if you knew that, but I think it is a cool fact to know compared to the price right now.

I am only 11 and people say I know a lot of stuff about Disneyland for that age. I guess they are right, but, like I said in About Me, I am a big  Disney fan. A few facts you may not know:

1, A fake pet cemetery is behind Haunted Mansion.

2, There is a basketball court in Matterhorn bobsled.

3, real human skeletons were used in Pirates of The Caribbean, but now there  is only one real skull is in the ride.

4, Walt Disney was sitting on a bench when he thought of making Disneyland, and that bench is on display on Main Street.

5, On opening day Walt welcomed approximately 3.6 million visitors.

6, The drawbridge on Sleeping Beauty’s castle is real and has been lifted twice.

7, Disneyland has many cats who catch mice and rats.

So there are many other facts that I did not mention, but there are some cool ones I did mention above. I love Walt Disney and glad he was ever born!