About Me

I love writing. I always thought that when I grow up I would become a writer, though I haven’t yet. I also wanted to be a horse trainer. They are my favorite animals. The only animals I own are four cats. I love to draw but I am not good, I have a friend my age who is so much better than me. I do not think I would draw much. Many people say the more you do it the better you are. I do not get better. It feels like it gets worse.

Another thing I love is Disney. Me and my family and  are huge Disney fans, and is not only  because of Disneyland, but just that the movies are great. I do still love the park, but it is expensive! And you can not forget about the crowds. I have went a couple of times.

I am actually listening to Disney music as I am writing this. Grim Grinning Ghosts from Haunted Mansion. I like to tell people about Disneyland because I remember a lot from our trips there at Disneyland. I remember my younger sister coming off of Splash Mountain, and she walked with her hands by her chest with her dress soaking wet. Water was dripping from her Snow White dress up dress. Speaking of Splash Mountain, the song is on now. Do not know if you have gone before but is so fun. My goal is to save for Disneyland.